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About the TALA Research Group

The TALA Research Group is based in the Department of Zoology of the University of Oxford UK.   We work on the application of remotely sensed data to describing the distribution and intensity of diseases transmitted by intermediate hosts or vectors, and the distribution of individual species and areas of biodiversity in tropical regions.  

Through participation in internationally supported programs and consultancy activities TALA's team of scientists and engineers is committed to the application of research findings to making a difference in the world in which we live. 

We offer a comprehensive range of services to government, private, commercial, research and NGO clients.

Education and Training

As an integrated part of the Department of Zoology, TALA undertakes a wide range of activities in support of teaching in undergraduate and graduate programs and assists experienced practitioners who wish to further their skills in the areas of ecology, biodiversity, epidemiology, remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems.


TALA helps teams to study, characterize and map the risks of a wide range of tropical and temperate infectious diseases.  We can provide valuable data and technical support for disease early warning systems and sustainable disease control programs, and for environmental and other ecological projects - integrating and incorporating the latest satellite imagery and image-processing techniques.


We are particularly interested in developing statistical techniques to describe each problem and in applying the results to process-based models that help to explain the various patterns observed.   This approach has helped us to describe the environmental 'signatures' of a wide variety of diseases with great success. Examples of our work can be found on the project and research pages of our domain.

Publishing and multimedia

TALA is internationally recognized for its well-researched and authoritative  publications, brochures and book. TALA also publishes information and resource material on interactive CD-ROM, DVD and the World Wide Web. Target audiences include other researchers, public health specialists, policy-makers, journalists, planners, engineers and students.