About the TALA Research Group


TALA stands for  Trypanosomaiasis And Land-use in Africa and derives from our initial studies applying remotely sensed data to a particular disease problem in Africa.  Our logo (below) shows a map of Africa blighted by a protozoan trypanosome, the causative agent of sleeping sickness in humans and ‘nagana’ in domestic animals (collectively, trypanosomiasis). The satellite, above both the map and the parasite, indicates that remote sensing can help us to describe, explain and predict the distribution and abundance of diseases such as trypanosomiasis, the major scourge of cattle production throughout the humid and sub-humid zones of Africa.

TALA was set up with initial funding from the UK Department for International Development in 1993.  All the results you will see on this website were obtained since this time…….

Since 1993 we have built up collaborations with research teams in Africa, SE Asia, Europe, S. America and the USA.

A succession of students has taken our approach out to the wider research and development community.

Together we have tackled a much wider range of diseases.........



TALA Members
University of Oxford
Department of Zoology

Professor  David J. Rogers
B. Bakker,
S. I. Hay,
A. Wilson,
A. Tatem,
G. J. Alistair,
V. Sanderson,
B. Purse

Professor Sarah Randolph